Eight separate Courses have been developed in the framework of the TALE Project. These are the following:

  • The ABCs of Assessment
  • Assessing reading sklls
  • Assessing writing skills
  • Assessing listening skills
  • Assessing speaking skills
  • Providing feedback
  • Alternatives in assessment
  • Test impact
Each of the TALE Courses focuses on different topics related to language assessment and testing. The selection of these topics has been based on the findings of a solid identification of the training needs of teachers across Europe (you can find more information on this here).

Each Course contains a number of sections, each one focusing on a specific issue, as well as a number of activities. These aim at helping you clarify the issues discussed in the Course and determine their potential significance for your own teaching context

At the end of each Course there are three special activities. These aim at gathering feedback on the content and the layout of the Courses so that we can improve them.

Please keep in mind that there is not a specific order in which you should take each Course. The number of Courses you take, and the order in which you take them, is up to you. Nonetheless, if you have a limited prior knowledge on assessment issues or if you are not so much experienced in e-learning environments, we suggest that you take the Courses in the order we have placed them in the "Go to Courses" menu.

NOTE: By enrolling in a TALE course, you agree that the data gathered from your participation in that course can be used by the TALE Project consortium for research purposes alone.

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